Links to Other Aeronca Sites

Below are links to Aeronca sites worldwide - well, in the US at least. If you should discover any other relevant sites, please let us know. If any of the links seem not to work, let us know that too. Click a Chief button to visit the site. Click your browser's Back button to return to this page.
The Aeronca K and E-113 Engines site, run by Tom Trainor. This site is aimed at Aeronca K and E-113 engine devotees. However, apart from its own intrinsic interest, the site has links to and info on all sorts of Aeronca-related matters.
US National Aeronca Association. Interesting info on the US Aeronca scene, including an ongoing discussion about the FAA's attitude to Aeronca wing spars. Lots of pics: well worth a look.
The Aeronca Page. Some pretty pics of various Aeroncas in delightful settings.
A worthy list of Aeroncas and Aeronca parts for sale on a page on the Barnstormers site. The root site, is also worth a look, just in case you want to buy a Waco to go with your Aeronca ...
Fearless Aeronca Aviators: a great site with links and a forum. You might win something too, if you can design a new logo for them.
The Citabria Owners Group: don't be fooled by the name - this is a site for all Aeronca and Aeronca-derivative owners. It's well worth a browse. There is also a lot of technical info available here on payment of a membership fee ($40).
All about Aeronca 11AC Chief NC3286E, and much more. There's "over 20 megs of Aeronca 11AC Chief information and flying photos" to be found here. There are several links to other goodies too. You need to be patient though, or upgrade to ISDN. Well worth a look.
The Bellanca-Champion Club: a 'type club representing about 1,500 owners, pilots and aficionados of the Bellanca and Champion aircraft'. Robert Szego, a B-CC member states, 'Our membership includes a fair number (60+) of Aeronca Champ and even some Chief owners and restorers'. Lots of pics, technical stuff and an interesting gift shop.
This site is only included under Aeronca sites because its owner also owns (and loves) a 1946 Champ 7-DC. So be it! There's masses of stuff for sale, including Aeronca aircraft, as well as a witty newsletter.
Here are some links to pictures of Chief NC3469E, emailed by her owner Ray L. Johnson. There's also an invitation to a fly-in ...