Calendar of Events

Note: all dates are Saturdays.

When Where Contact numbers
6th May 2000 Old Sarum 01722 322525
3rd June 2000 Breighton 01757 289065
1st July 2000 Haverfordwest 01437 765283 or 760822
5th August 2000 Kemble** 01285 771177
2nd September 2000 Old Warden 01767 627288

** The Kemble fly-in is open to ALL American classic types from Aircoupes to Wacos, etc.

All the above events are scheduled for Saturdays but will usually extend to the Sunday to accommodate the weather and 'globe-trotting' Aeronca pilots. Note, however, that the Old Warden event is Saturday only.

Aeronca fly-ins don't ALWAYS generate bad weather...