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Sam - CoolSam
Quick Spec:
1964 1200

Front and rear suspension airbagged
4'' narrowed linkpin beam with sway-a-way adjusters
Raised petrol tank
CB Performance dropped spindles
Anti-bump steer kit
Lowered shocks all round
Feller Services wide 5 front disc brakes
Smart car front tyres
Adjustable spring plates
1500 gearbox converted to long axles
1500SP engine, with single Weber DCNF 40 carb
Modified stock T1 exhaust

Veedubbin at the beach 2006:
BugJam 2006:
Bristol Volksfest 2006:
RTTS 2006:
Front Airbags Installed:
Video of front lower
Turn on your sound for this one
Up and then down again

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