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Bill - RaggedyRacing
Quick Spec:
1973 1200 - the 'Superscheißekasten'

1641cc, twin 40mm kadrons, 041 heads with ratio rockers, lightened flywheel, Engle 110 cam, 1 1/2" merged header with a 3" mondo muffler

Polycarbonate seats
Willans 3" 4 point harness (FIA approved and installation checked)
Lexan rear quarter windows with NACA duct for engine bay ventilation
Extensive shell lightening - removal of rear seats, carpet, door cards, headlining, paint etc...

Beam narrowed 3" and converted to disc brakes
Cross drilled front discs, drilled to Chevrolet stud pattern
Front wheels - 4.5" ET Gasser 10 spokes (pre 'Velocirazor') on 145/45 tyres
Rear wheels - 6" ERCOs (street weight) with 195/70 tyres

Best 1/4 mile time - 17.9(ish) secs @ 80(ish)mph
Best reaction time - 0.5sec

Dubs @ Route 38 May 2006:
Roche Swap Meet 2006:
Recent photos:
The Plymouth Cruise:
The build:
1641cc with Kadrons - secret internals
Polycarbonate racing seats
Custom headlining
Drilled decklid for cooling
Nearly finished

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