This is Bill's car the 'Superscheißekasten'

The car was built over a period of 9 weeks on a reasonably small budget. Bill had very definite ideas on what he wanted. There had to be no polishing, painting or cleaning!

Most of the parts were supplied by Bill himself, and we put it together how he wanted. It's not to everyone's taste, but most people agree that it turned out well. Bill is still dead chuffed with it!

He continues to refine it......maybe a new engine soon?
The finished product at the local cruise.

The car was very low budget.
Engine: 1641cc with twin Kadrons, internals? secret!
Custom made seat frames for Jaz? racing seats.
Drilled decklid for extra cooling,
hidden behind number plate.
Custom headlining by Bill himself.
"It just sits right don't it!"
Ercos and NACA style duct feeding the engine bay.
Spindle mount Gasser style wheels.


The Roe's Oval

The car is a South African 1956 oval. It was brought up to UK MOT standard by us a few months before it came back for the major work. The car has had a full bare metal repaint in gloss black. The brake system is now dual circuit with front discs and rear late drums. The wheels are 6"x15" American Torque Thrust II's.

More photos to come...
The finished product outside German Classics.

The car as it came in to us.
Being stripped down for paint.
Beam being narrowed to fit the wheels under the arches.
Nice, but not narrow enough. We had to narrow it again. :)
Late drums in a custom stud pattern from Machine 7.
Test fitting of the wheels.
More photos to come...
Wheels and beam fitted, and now off for paint.
Back from the paint shop.


This is Andy's roof chop

This car was originally roof chopped over 12 years ago, and was unused for at least the last 8 years. Andy wanted us to do something very different, and this is what he and Jerry came up with!

The car has: full flip front (with an Audi TT fuel flap); custom US 3" oversize rear wings; solenoid doors; electric windows; teardrop rear lights, billet aluminum running boards; Center Line style copy wheels (8"x15" rear, 5.5"x15" front).
Andy and Bill's cars together at the local cruise.

One of the doors had to be redone.
Rear end was rebuilt with metal replacing glass fibre.
Trial fitting of decklid and custom wide wings.
Car in Lamborghini Orange, and tinware to match.
Note hidden carb behind fan housing.
Andy is the shadow on the right. ;)
Looking mean on the street.
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